Public realm for redesign of public space Countess Street / Saltcoats
Key Concepts

Convivial urban space
Enhance the setting of the Town Hall
“Shared space” type environment
Re-organisation to enhance connectivity
Sheltered space – spaces to dwell
Unique site specific design
‘Changing States’ design motif

Approach – Transport Planning

Approach – Apply Designing Streets ethos
Hierarchy supported by Scottish Government;
Pedestrian, cyclist, public transport, service access, private vehicle

Good design: – reflect the context,
– use + character of Countess Street
– link to Vernon Street
– improve the overall walkability / pedestrian friendliness
– connectivity between the various resources
– and retaining or enhancing the public transport, service
access, parking.

Applying Lessons Learnt – Shared Space -Key challenges

Managing the public perception of safety.
Conflicts between the varying needs of user groups- Equality Act.
Conflicts between design guides for public space and shared space.
Managing potential disregard for the shared space by drivers

Applying Lessons Learnt – Cost Control

Commission detailed site investigation surveys to show:
Location and accurate depths of existing services.
Makeup of existing roads and pavings.
Details of potential basements or obstructions.
Consider and assess
How exposed existing services will be permanently protected/ marked.
The extent of repairs/ renewals/ lining of existing sewers.
The extent of work to existing rainwater downpipes.
Detail at tender stage
Builder’s work in connection with lighting installation.
Extent of alterations to existing CCTV Installation.
Requirements for temporary signs e.g. ‘business as usual’.
Liaise with local stakeholders to identify access requirements and closure
periods for local events, holidays, Christmas trading.
Other site works, concurrent contracts.

Consultation– Community engagement + Art strategy

Allocation of time for community consultation and arts strategy.
Hone and develop brief with client and community.
Specific to context– see what develops? Highly site responsive.
Artwork(s)/ themes embedded into project concept
Scope for further connections and relationships regarding funding.

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