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A concept crystallized from the consideration of reflecting the meaning, needs, and specificity of the monument. The idea refers to the space-time and its transformation. Every one of us is a factor of changes that eliminate the past and influence the future. The final solution is the intersection of art requests (transformation, factor) and technical (minimal need for maintenance, implementation). The main inspiration comes from Zoetrope. The fundamental difference is that the moving element is not a graphics but a man. The sequence of graphics put together reminiscent of an angel. The theme of the animation is the rotating cross, changing into a silhouette of a man. 

It is a cuboid with a gold coating. There is laser-carved text to one of the side walls. There is carved graphics reminiscent of an angel to another wall. The opposite side of the block consists of a lattice of steel rods. This grid is used as a separation – in case of looking into the box, we see only one part of the carved graphics. While we move the head, the angle of view changes and the next part of the animation reveals. 


Monument is located exactly above the grave. The volume gives the impression of the inviolability of the grave. The separating grid is oriented to the north to the access road. At the opposite south wall, there is the graphics which transmits solar rays into the block. The animation will reveal over the grave. Landscape changes are proposed minimum. Vegetation in sense of the concept is preserved. 


The monument is designed from a range of metallurgical stuff. It is founded on four concrete footings. The frame of the block consists of welded steel hollow 100x100x5, the mantle is made of 5mm thick sheets. The top and back plate is smooth. Into the south wall, there is laser-carved graphics, western side contains text. North wall consists of 8mm steel rods with a spacing of 2 mm. The object has no bottom. Under the block and around up to a distance of 40mm there is a layer of gravel. The individual parts are welded together. The outer surface will be modified with gold paint, interior surfaces and rods are designed black. The exact type and method of surface treatment will be announced after consultation with the specialist. 

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